Decorations are going up and shopping lists are growing. Likely, you’ll soon find yourself preparing to host loved ones and undertake adventurous feats of cooking. While fun, the festivities of the winter season typically coincide with an uptick in accidents. 

Here are a few tips to help keep your home merry, bright and safe throughout the holiday season.

Be Aware of Fire Hazards Cooking equipment is the leading cause of household fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. The majority of cooking fires start when food or cooking materials ignite, so never leave food unattended. Pay special attention if you’re deep-frying your turkey -- deep fryers cause numerous injuries every year.

Candles and hot ashes also pose a fire risk. Make sure any candles are out of the reach of children and well out of the way of anything flammable. Clean out your chimney before starting your first fire of the season. And don’t forget to use a grate to cover the fireplace while in use.

Use Caution When Hanging Holiday LightsDecorative lights can create a dazzling display but come with their own risks.

  • Always check the packaging before you hang lights outside. Indoor lights can short when they’re exposed to the elements.
  • If you’re using a ladder, be sure to observe basic safety: Always have someone there to help you and keep three points of contact on the ladder at all times to avoid falls. 

Know the Possible Dangers of DecorAlong with candles and lights, there are plenty of other decorations that could potentially cause problems.

  • Poinsettias are mildly poisonous and should be kept away from pets and small children.
  • Artificial snow, in addition to being flammable, can be dangerous if inhaled.
  • Tinsel can irritate your skin or eyes.

What are your tips for keeping your home safe this time of year?