Houston Windows

If you’re looking for the very best window company in Houston you’re in luck.  My friend Tim owns Texas Remodel Team and he’s going to be one of the best resources you’ll ever have as you’re shopping for new replacement windows.

We’re proud to name Texas Remodel Team the very best window company in Houston.

Tim has a level of experience in the industry that most other company owners just don’t have.  In the past he was a regional manger for the largest remodeling company in the country.  He was responsible for the territory from New Mexico to Puerto Rico with over 400 sales reps.

Why does this make him the best window company in Houston?

This experience provides a perspective on the business that other people just won’t be able to see.  For example, when I was talking with Tim last week we were talking about finding great installers.  He chuckled and said in his past life he had to kiss a whole lot of frogs to find a couple of princes.  As the owner of a window company I can tell you this is something we’ve all gone through.  Tim already knows who the good guys are.

Ultimately, he left that fancy job because he felt that he wasn’t able to provide the level of service that he want to offer.  A large corporation can sometimes have a focus on driving numbers rather than providing great experiences.  I can tell you Tim is all about providing great experiences.

That’s not the only factor in our decision to name Texas Remodel Team the best window company in Houston, but it sure didn’t hurt.

His business in Houston is growing quickly.  They do more than just windows.  In addition to being the best window company in Houston they also offer whole house remodeling, kitchen and bath remodeling and even additions.

Is Tim working with you on this site?

I love when I get to ask the questions and write the answers!  Yes, Tim will be contributing to the site.  He has a great deal of info and he’s going to be writing posts to share with you.  In the future we should see some great content and the site will be better off because we worked together.

How can I get a quote for my project?

It’s easy to reach the best window company in Houston for a quote.  Here are a few of the best ways.

  1. You can give them a ring at 281-719-1496.  Sometimes the easiest way to get in touch is just to pick up the phone.
  2. You can send them an email at info@TexasRemodelTeam.com.  They’ll get back to you right away and I’m sure they’ll be able to help out.
  3. You can fill out the form below.  The info you submit goes only to the friendly folks at Texas Remodel Team.  It’s not shared with anyone else.  Ever.