Replacement Windows

As summer comes to a high point here in Texas, many families are feeling the heat. Especially if your home’s windows are outdated or ill-fitting, the Houston heat and humidity can be literally inescapable! If you’d rather not sweat through the rest of the summer season, the best choice for your family might just be replacement windows.

Not sure whether a summer window installation is right for you? Then ask yourself the following questions to find out!

How to Decide on Replacement Windows

1. Are my windows in good condition?

The first thing to determine is whether your windows are in good-enough condition to continue functioning. If they’re broken, warped, or falling apart, that’s a good indication that it’s time for replacement.

By installing more modern windows, you’ll likely see a big improvement in durability, as modern manufacturing technology allows for stronger, longer-lasting, and more sun- and weather-resistant designs. If you choose the right replacement windows now, you may never have to repair or replace them again!

2. Am I spending too much on AC?

This question is probably the most significant for Houston homeowners in the summer—and for far too many of them, the answer is a resounding “yes.” If your energy bills have steadily or suddenly crept up, it could mean that your climate-controlled air is escaping your home, an issue that can often be addressed by a new window installation.

Upgrading to more energy-efficient windows can provide an immediate cost savings, as tight seals and insulated frames keep climate-controlled air inside and reduce your energy bills. Not only does this cool your interior more effectively, but it also reduces the workload for your AC.

3. Am I satisfied with the style of my windows?

Even if you’re happy with your windows’ performance, you may not particularly like their design, whether it’s their exterior look or the way in which they open and close. If you’re replacing your windows for aesthetic reasons, you can still take advantage of the many efficiency and durability benefits too—giving you extra bang for your buck.

4. Can I afford replacement windows?

Many Houston homeowners think that new windows are out of their price range, and with some providers, that may be true. At Texas Remodel Team, however, we provide a wide range of financing options so that every local family can afford the set of windows they need.

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