When to Replace Your Windows

As your Houston home hits the 20-year mark, your house windows start to deteriorate. As a result, they become more difficult to use, and they decrease the energy efficiency in your home. While there are times when it would be more beneficial to repair your windows, sometimes it is easier to replace your windows. In fact, there are at least four major problems that can only be resolved with replacement windows.

1.  Signs of Rot

When you start inspecting your windows for signs of damage, you should check for signs of rot first. Once your window gets to this point, there is no going back. Not only is it difficult to repair the section that already rotted, but it’s difficult to stop the rot from spreading further to other parts of the window. Rather than wasting time and money trying to maintain rotting windows, you should consider a window replacement.

2.  Sagging Casement Windows

When you have casement windows, also known as crank-out windows, their functionality largely depends on the mechanisms. While you can certainly buy new crank mechanisms, you usually can’t fix the window once it starts to sag. When this happens, the hinges typically are bent and worn, which makes them harder to replace. At this point, a new window installation makes much more sense.

3.  Fogged Double-Pane Glass

The purpose of your windows is to provide a viewing area to the outside world while letting in natural lighting, so anything that obstructs your view needs to be resolved. If you have double-pane glass in your windows, you might notice that fogging occurs between the two glass panes. Unfortunately, glass replacement is the only costly solution to making your windows clear enough to see through again. If the cost to repair is more than a new window, the choice should be as clear as your new windows.

4.  Hard-to-Find Parts

Even if you are dead set on replacing the hardware in your windows, that might not be an option. Especially if your windows are 20 years old, you could struggle to find the parts that you need. If you can, contact the manufacturer or your local window dealer to see if they have any hardware that will work. If not, your only other option is to replace the windows.

If you have found yourself dealing with any of the above dilemmas, don’t worry! Texas Remodel Team is here to help you find beautiful, new replacement windows. We have a variety of styles to fit any taste, home, or budget, so contact us today to learn more about the products and services we have to offer in Houston, TX. You can give us a call or simply fill out our online form to request your free, no-obligation estimate!