Window Replacement

Preparing To Replace Your Windows

Recognized by Consumer Reports as one of the most leading and innovative products in the industry, and also a long-standing ENERGY STAR® partner, Simonton windows will transform your home from the inside, out.

Whether you are updating the look of your home, trying to increase the value of your home in order to sell it, looking to increase your security, or need to reduce your high energy costs, choosing to replace your windows is a great idea. At Texas Remodel Team, your favorite Houston area home contractors, we are skilled at window replacement, and are happy to help with any of your home remodeling needs. Before we come to your home to replace your windows, there are certain steps you should take in order to prepare your home. Here are our tips on how to prep your home in order to make your window replacement go as smoothly as possible:

Make room

In order for us to come in and replace your windows, we will need all the space around your windows available to us. If there is anything in front of your windows, such as a table or lamp, please remove them from the area. This will help make it easier for us to remove your old windows and put in the new, and it will ensure that we don’t cause damage or disturb your property by moving it ourselves.

Additionally, items outside of your home may obstruct our path to your windows. Remove any decorations, such as wreaths, from the outside of your windows. If we are replacing windows on multiple floors, we will need space to set up a ladder or scaffolding, so please clear any items that may get in the way, such as bikes or lawn furniture.

Take down treatments

In addition to any items you have to move in your home, you will also want to take down any window treatments you have. Take down any blinds, curtains, or shutters from the inside of your home. You may also consider taking down any wall decorations you have hanging near the windows, as the process can sometimes jostle your walls. To be safe, you may want to take all these things down and store them in a safe place.

Texas Remodel Team, your Houston area home contractors, can help you with our window replacement services, or any of our other remodeling services. Contact us today for a consultation!