need replacement windows? Do you need replacement windows?

Replacement windows may not be your top priority.  But when it comes to home improvements or remodeling your Houston, Texas home, getting your windows replaced is something that you should consider. Whether you’ve recently bought an older home that needs replacement windows. Or your house's windows have started to let in wind, dust, and rain or have rotting frames, there are times when replacing your old windows is the only option.

How do you know if you need replacement windows? Simply put, when your windows are beyond repair, have problems opening or shutting, are drafty and have decayed frames... it's time to consider replacement windows. You should get replacement windows if you…

Have Faded or Broken Windows

Often, small repairs can fix a damaged window, such as the installation of new weatherstripping or new hardware for minor problems. But attempting to fix a broken or warped window is not typically recommended. Instead new replacement windows are the better long-term investment option. Windows start to give small signs that they won’t be working for long, getting stuck, fogging up, and refusing to stay open. If that happens to you, then it;s time for replacement windows.

Need to Remodel your Home

Windows and doors are the most important features for the exterior of your home. If you are planning to sell your home or remodel it, installing new windows is prudent. Look for telltale signs that give away the worn state of your windows. If the window is warped, or your weather screens diminish the curb appeal of your home, then getting new replacement windows is a smart decision. If you have a fixed window, you can upgrade it to an opening window, as it creates a comfortable interior by encouraging air flow through your home.

Have Weather-beaten Windows

If you just recovered from a storm or live in an area which is prone to storms and other harsh weather conditions, then you need to be prepared for replacing your damaged windows. Today’s windows are resistant to corrosion and remain fairly stable in extreme temperature conditions and humidity.

Want to Lower your Energy Bill

If your energy bill is mounting because your air conditioning needs to work overtime, consider installing replacement windows. Energy efficient windows are especially designed to keep extreme weather outside and can reduce the load on your HVAC unit. They help you make your home more comfortable while keeping your energy costs to a minimum.

We hope this post has helped you make a smarter decision if you have damaged or broken windows. Not only do replacement windows add curb appeal and save energy, but they are also a worthwhile investment in the long run if you ever decide to sell your home.

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