Knowing that windows are a big drain on energy, how much will replacement windows save you? Let’s say that you replace your single pane wood windows with an Energy Star replacement window having a U-value of .32. You have 15 windows in your house with a combined area of 120 square feet. Using the calculation formula based on the number of heating and cooling days for the Houston region we can come up with an estimated amount of savings due to better thermal characteristics. For the scenario we have laid out, we would see an annual savings of $208 from thermal improvements alone. If we also figure that the new windows result in a 75% decrease in window air leaks, that would account for an additional savings of approximately $94 bringing us to a grand total of $302 savings per year. About U-values. This term simply describes the amount of heat the window conducts. U-values are the inverse of R-values which measure the amount of heat that is resisted. R-values are used to measure products like insulation. This means if you have an older home with single pane wood windows, they will have a U-value of approximately .99. Convert this into R-values and it equals R-1. If your walls are insulated with a standard R-13, then your windows are letting heat out of your house 13 times faster than your walls. Windows also lose heat because they usually leak air around the sashes.

Each replacement window is developed to strict standards to guarantee customer satisfaction. Replacement windows may be one of the most significant residence improvements any homeowner will ever do.  Vinyl windows are extremely economical to buy and have installed. They are one way to make a home look better and save money at the same time. Vinyl replacement windows are available in a number of styles to fit your particular needs and tastes.

While windows are rarely thought of as a significant decorative item, replacing your old windows won't only drastically enhance the look of a homes but the room's appearance too. Buying replacement windows for your house is among the absolute most cost-effective residence improvements you can possibly make.