Do you know what's in your attic?

 Do you know what's in your attic? What's in your attic? Here are the 3 things about your attic that are important to know:

Many homeowners think of an attic as the place to store seasonal decorations, luggage and not much else. But just like any other room in your house, it needs attention and has its own unique concerns.

  1. Proper Insulation Makes a Difference If your heating bills are sky high in winter and your air conditioner is continually running in summer, you may have insufficient insulation. It might be beneficial to have a home inspector give you a complete assessment and identify any problems. If you decide to add insulation, look into the different types and determine the ideal R-value for your climate.
  2. An Attic Needs to Breathe Along with insulation, adequate venting in your attic can prevent a host of concerns. In hot, humid air building up in the warm months can be breeding grounds for mold. Good ventilation helps regulate temperature and moisture levels and keep problems from developing.
  3. Air Leaks Affect Efficiency Although your attic needs to breathe, it needs to breathe properly. If you have air leaks to the ceiling below or outside, it will hurt your home's efficiency. A drafty room, a room that's colder or hotter than others and dry indoor air in winter are signs your attic may be leaking air. These leaks can happen over time, such as the settling of a house or a floorboard that becomes warped. Periodic visual inspections can keep them from becoming an issue.
Have you considered remodeling you attic and creating a new living space?

Here are some ideas

Add a Guest Room with a Attic Remodel or Addition Add a Guest Room with an Attic Remodel or Addition